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"Omuramba of the Buffalo"
(Khaudum, Caprivi & Chobe)


No other Namibian national park offers as many adventurous challenges as the Khaudum National Park. The roughly 300-kilometer-long road network winds through unspoiled wilderness and dry acacia woodlands on meandering sandy roads. Khaudum National Park is located in Namibia's northwestern region in the Kalahari and is one of the country's most remote areas.

The Khaudum National Park is 3842 km2 in size but has seen little development for tourists. The surrounding area is sparsely inhabited. To the west and north of it, Kavango peoples, primarily of the Gciriku tribe, dwell. Ju/'hoansi-San dominate the area south of the national park. This constellation of national park and surrounding conservancies allows visitors to interact with animals while also learning about local culture.

Tour text information 

In 2013, a large part of the area formerly known as the “Caprivi Strip” was renamed Zambezi. This region stretches out like an arm between Angola, Zambia, and Botswana, touching Zimbabwe at the confluence of the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers. It’s a tropical array of wildlife and bird species and offers great fishing.


The area is characterized by an abundance of water, wetlands, large floodplains and thick Mopani woodland. All the parks are well worth a visit and, with over 600 bird species, are a real paradise for bird watchers. Game is plentiful and hippos and crocodiles laze around on the riverbanks.

Some of the locations we visit during our tour:

Khaudum National Park

Katima Mulilo



Living Museum

Hoba Meteorite

Okavango River

Chobe National Park

During the course of our adventure, we will spend one night in a typical bushman camp, where a few surprises await you!

There are various activities available, including bird watching, tiger fishing, hippo, and croc cage diving, visiting museums, Victoria Falls day trip, Chobe River Cruise, Canoeing on Chobe River, Hot Air Balloon Safari, Picnic on the river, Mokoro Trips and much more.

Tour Price Includes

Traditional Bushman Surprise

Camping Fees

Border Fees (NAM/BOTS)

Park Entry Fees if camping in a park

Conservation Fees

Morning Coffee with rusks

2 Bags of wood per night

Two-way radios for in-vehicle-communication

Experienced Guide & Advanced 4x4 Driving Instructor

First Aider

Tour Price Excludes



4x4 Vehicle Hire

Camping Equipment

Daily Activities

Transfer Fees

Additional Park Fees

Border Fees (RSA/NAM)


Recovery Gear

Frequently asked questions 

Where does the tour start and end?

START – Grootfontein (Namibia)

END – Kasane (Botswana)


 Total Kilometers of tour:

+- 1205 km.


Vehicle Requirements:

4x4 Only (High & Low Range)

You will need a 4wd vehicle with good ground clearance.

Your vehicle's tires cannot be low profile road tires, but must be high profile tires with off-road capabilities.

Fuel range of approx. 500km. (Keep in mind that we will be driving extremely sandy roads)

Carry extra fuel because driving in harsh sand conditions reduces fuel usage.

Features accessible recovery points, securely attached to the chassis.

Recovery gear e.g., recovery tracks, ropes.


Trailers / Caravans:




 Be entirely self-sufficient in terms of food and water.

Make sure you have adequate food and water for at least three days.



Own camping equipment is required.

Fridge/Freezer and cooking/braai accessories.

Ground tents / Rooftop tents welcome.

Some campsites may lack comprehensive ablution facilities, so it is essential to be self-sufficient in these situations.


Documentation Required:

A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity before expiry.

A valid driver’s license.

Children need a valid passport and an unabridged birth certificate as well as a letter of consent if not accompanied by both parents.

Guests from non-SADC countries may need a visa if required.

Original Vehicle registration certificate (a certified copy is acceptable). Drivers whose vehicles are still financed will have to use a certified copy of the registration certificate.

If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle, you must have a letter from the financial institution, company, or friend authorizing you to take the vehicle across the border.

Proof of vehicle insurance.


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