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The Richtersveld 


The Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape is a remarkable Mountainous Desert in the North-West of the country that is uniquely owned and managed by the Nama Community and their descendants!

The geology and plant life of the Richtersveld are special. Some rocks are up to 2000 million years old, and the area is rich in botanical biodiversity. Small wonder the park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.

Tour text information 

Revel in undulating plains, rolling hills, and rugged mountains that will haunt you with their fierce beauty. Some are almost entirely nude of vegetation, others awash in bushes and tiny flowers.

Stars are visible in their multitudes in the clear desert air, far from city lights, so sit back and enjoy them.

The park is also home to ten different species of bats, so keep an eye out in the dark in case you spot some of them out hunting.

Some of the locations we visit during our tour:




Alexander Bay

Richtersveld National Park




Don't miss out on a spectacular journey into the unknown untamed side of the Richtersveld.

This adventure will take us along the Orange River and into the heart of nowhere' raw beauty.

The harsh terrain shows itself to be a treasure trove harboring the world's richest desert flora as the mirage fades into the human-like half-men.

Tour Price Includes


Camping Fees

Park Entry Fees

Conservation Fees

Two-way radios for in-vehicle-communication

Experienced Guide & Advanced 4x4 Driving Instructor

First Aider

Tour Price Excludes



4x4 Vehicle Hire

Daily Activities


Recovery Gear

Park Entry Fees of parks where we do not camp

Frequently asked questions 

Where does the tour start and end?

START – Pella

END – Alexander Bay

Total Kilometers of tour:

+- 620 km.


Vehicle Requirements:

4x4 only! (Good reliable 4x4 vehicle)

Fuel range of approx. 650km.

Advisable to carry extra fuel.

Features accessible recovery points, securely attached to the chassis.


Trailers / Caravans:

NO towing on this tour.


Accommodation / Other requirements:

Own camping equipment is required.

Fridge/Freezer and cooking/braai accessories.

Ground tents / Rooftop tents welcome.

Most campsites lack comprehensive ablution facilities, so it is essential to be self-sufficient in these situations.

Enough food for a minimum of 7 days.


Pyramid, Pretoria Gauteng 0120


+27 79 883 8180

+27 82 386 9520



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